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Ca 15-3 Ca 19-9 Ca-125 Cadmium Calcitonin Calcium Caloric study Campylobacter culture Candida antibody Carbamazepine Carboxyhemoglobin Carcinoembryonic antigen Cardiac catheterization Cardiac isoenzymes Cardiac nuclear scan Cardiac output, thermodilution Cardiolipin antibodies Carotid doppler Catecholamines Cathepsin-d Cerebrospinal fluid examination Ceruloplasmin Cervical culture Chest radiography Chlamydia Chloride Cholesterol Chorionic villus sampling Chromosome analysis Chymex Clostridial toxin assay Clostridium difficile toxins Coagulation factors Coccidioidomycosis skin Cold agglutinins Colposcopy Complement, total Complete blood count Comprehensive metabolic panel Computed tomography, chest Computed tomography, renal Conization of the cervix Coombs antiglobulin, direct Copper Cordocentesis Coronary ultrasonography Cortisol Coxsackie virus antibodies C-peptide C-reactive protein Creatine Creatine kinase Creatinine Cryofibrinogen Cryoglobulin Ct colonoscopy Ct scan biliary tract and liver Ct scan shoulder Ct scan, ankle Ct scan, brain Ct scan, c spine Ct scan, elbow Ct scan, femur Ct scan, foot Ct scan, hand Ct scan, hip Ct scan, humerus Ct scan, internal auditory canal Ct scan, knee Ct scan, l spine Ct scan, mandible Ct scan, maxilla Ct scan, neck Ct scan, pancreas Ct scan, pelvis Ct scan, posterior fossa Ct scan, radius/ulna Ct scan, renal Ct scan, sinues Ct scan, t spine Ct scan, temporal bones Ct scan, wrist Ct scan,chest Ct scan,chest/ lung Ct, abdomen/pelvis Cta Culdoscopy Cutaneous immunofluorescence biopsy Cyclic adenosine monophosphate Cystography Cystometry Cytologic examination Cytology, sputum Cytomegalovirus antibody
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