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Ileostomy Implantation of heart and circulatory assist system Implantation of internal limb lengthening device with kinetic distraction Implantation of interspinous process decompression device Implantation of other internal limb lengthening device Implantation of other musculoskeletal devices and substances Implantation of tooth Implantation of total replacement heart system Implantation or fitting of prosthetic limb device Incision and excision of joint structures Incision and excision of skull, brain, and cerebral meninges Incision and excision of stomach Incision of bile duct for relief of obstruction Incision of brain and cerebral meninges Incision of bronchus Incision of cervix to assist delivery Incision of chest wall and pleura Incision of external ear Incision of facial bone without division Incision of lung Incision of lymphatic structures Incision of mastoid and middle ear Incision of mediastinum Incision of muscle, tendon, fascia, and bursa Incision of muscle, tendon, fascia, and bursa of hand Incision of nose Incision of palate Incision of penis Incision of pilonidal sinus or cyst Incision of prostate Incision of skin and subcutaneous tissue Incision of vagina and rectouterine pouch Incision of vessel Incision of vulva and perineum Incision or excision of anal fistula Incision or excision of perianal tissue Incision or excision of periprostatic tissue Incision with removal of foreign body or device from skin and subcutaneous tissue Incision, division, and excision of cranial and peripheral nerves Incision, excision, and anastomosis of intestine Incision, excision, and destruction of inner ear Incision, excision, and division of other bones Incision, excision, and occlusion of vessels Individual psychotherapy Induction of labor by artificial rupture of membranes Injection into peripheral nerve Injection into thoracic cavity Injection of anesthetic into peripheral nerve for analgesia Injection of larynx Injection of sclerosing agent into vein Injection or tattooing of skin lesion or defect Insertion of bone growth stimulator Insertion of bone void filler Insertion of cement spacer Insertion of interbody spinal fusion device Insertion of intrauterine contraceptive device Insertion of non-drug-eluting peripheral vessel stents Insertion of other spinal devices Insertion of recombinant bone morphogenetic protein Insertion of totally implantable infusion pump Insertion of totally implantable vascular access device vad Insertion of vessel-to-vessel cannula Insertion or replacement of inflatable penile prosthesis Insertion or replacement of non-inflatable penile prosthesis Insertion, replacement, removal, and revision of pacemaker device Insertion, revision, replacement, and removal of pacemaker leads; insertion of temporary pacemaker system; or revision of cardiac device pocket Insufflation of fallopian tube Internal and combined version and extraction Internal drainage of pancreatic cyst Internal fixation of bone without fracture reduction Internal urinary diversion nos Internal urinary diversion nos ���.not added Interruption of the vena cava Intra-abdominal venous shunt Intra-amniotic injection for abortion Intraoperative cardiac pacemaker Intrauterine transfusion
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