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Ulcer, skin, chronic, unspec. Ulcer, unspec. of lower limb Ulcerative colitis, unspec. Ulcerative enterocolitis Umbilical cord complications Underweight Undescended testicle Unequal leg length (acquired) Unspecified abortion Unspecified adverse effect of anesthesia Unspecified adverse effect of drug medicinal and biological substance nos Unspecified adverse effect of insulin Unspecified adverse effect of other drug, medicinal and biological substance Unspecified adverse effect of unspecified drug, medicinal and biological substance Unspecified anomaly of urinary system Unspecified congenital anomaly of circulatory system Unspecified crystal arthropathy Unspecified disorder of amino-acid metabolism Unspecified disorder of eye and adnexa Unspecified disorder of globe Unspecified disorder of immune mechanism Unspecified immunity deficiency Unspecified intestinal malabsorption Unspecified monoplegia Unspecified retinal detachment Unspecified vitamin a deficiency Unspecified vitamin deficiency Unverricht disease Upper lobe, bronchus or lung Upper respiratory infection, acute, nos Urachal cyst Urethral stricture Urethral syndrome, non-vd, nos Urethritis, nongonococcal Urethritis, not sexually transmitted, and urethral syndrome Urethrocele Urgency of urination Urinary frequency Urinary obstruction, unspec. Urinary tract infection, antepartum Urinary tract infection, unspec./pyuria Urinary-genital tract fistula, female Urocanic aciduria Urticaria Urticaria Urticaria, allergic Urticaria, dermatographic Urticaria, idiopathic Urticaria, unspec. Uterine inertia, primary, unspec. Uterine inertia, secondary, unspec. Uterine leiomyoma Uterus, hypertrophy
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