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Rabies Rales Rash, nonvesicular, unspec. Rat-bite fever Raynaud's syndrome Rectocele Red eye Redness or discharge of eye Redundant prepuce and phimosis Reflex sympathetic dystrophy Refractive errors, unspec. Regional enteritis Regional enteritis Regulatory agencies Rehabilitation Relapsing fever Renal agenesis and dysgenesis Renal cell carcinoma Renal ectopia Renal failure, acute w/ tubular necrosis Renal failure, acute, unspec. Renal failure, unspecified Renal glycosuria Renal sclerosis, unspecified Respiratory arrest Respiratory conditions due to chemical fumes and vapors Respiratory conditions due to other and unspecified external agents Respiratory distress syndrome Respiratory failure, acute Respiratory syncytial virus Restless legs Retained (old) intraocular foreign body, magnetic Retained (old) intraocular foreign body, nonmagnetic Retained placenta or membranes, without hemorrhage Reticulocytosis Retinal defects without detachment Retinal detachment with retinal defect Retinal detachments and defects Retinitis pigmentosa Retinoschisis and retinal cysts Retrolental fibroplasia Reye's syndrome Rh incompatibility, delivered Rhabdomyolysis Rhabdomyoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Rheumatic chorea Rheumatic fever with heart involvement Rheumatic fever without mention of heart involvement Rheumatic heart disease, unspec. Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory polyarthropathies Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory polyarthropathies Rhinitis, allergic, cause unspec. Rhinitis, allergic, due to animal dander Rhinitis, allergic, due to pollen Rhinitis, chronic Rhinovirus Rocky mountain spotted fever Rosacea Rotator cuff syndrome, nos Rotavirus Rubella Rupture of tendon, nontraumatic Rupture, achilles tendon Rupture, biceps tendon
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