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Pain and other symptoms associated with female genital organs Pain in limb Pain in thoracic spine Palpitations Pancreatic cyst, pseudocyst Pancreatic steatorrhea Pancreatitis, acute Pancreatitis, chronic Papilledema Paralysis unspecified Paralytic strabismus Paraplegia Parkinsonism, primary Parkinson's disease Paronychia, finger Paronychia, toe Parotitis Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria Pasteurellosis Patau's syndrome Pathologic fracture Pectus excavatum Pediculosis and phthirus infestation Pediculosis, body lice Pediculosis, head lice Pediculosis, pubic lice Pediculosis, unspec. Pelizaeus-merzbacher disease Pellagra Pelvic inflammatory disease, unspec. Peptic ulcer, site unspecified Perforation, central, tympanic membrane Pericarditis, acute, nonspecific Perinatal disorders of digestive system Peripheral enthesopathies and allied syndromes Peripheral lymph nodes Peripheral nervous system and special senses Peripheral retinal degenerations Peripheral vascular disease, unspec. Peritoneal adhesions Peritonitis Peritonsillar abscess Pernicious anemia Personal history of allergy to eggs Personal history of allergy to insects Personal history of allergy to latex Personal history of allergy to medicinal agents Personal history of allergy to milk products Personal history of allergy to other foods Personal history of allergy to peanuts Personal history of allergy to seafood Pes anserinus tendinitis Petechiae Phantom limb Pharyngitis, acute Phenylketonuria (pku) Phimosis Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of deep vessels of lower extremities Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of intracranial venous sinuses Phlebitis, superficial veins, upper extrem. Photokeratitis Pick's disease Pigmentary retinal dystrophy Pilonidal cyst Pilonidal cyst w/ abscess Pilonidal cyst, unspec. Pinta Pinworms Pipecolic acidemia Pituitary adenoma Pituitary gland and craniopharyngeal duct Pityriasis rosea Placenta previa, w/ bleeding, unspec. Placenta previa, w/o bleeding, unspec. Plague Plantar fasciitis Pleural effusion, nos Pleurisy Pleurisy, nos Pleuritic pain Pneumococcal pneumonia Pneumococcal septicemia Pneumoconiosis due to other inorganic dust Pneumoconiosis due to other silica or silicates Pneumoconiosis, unspecified Pneumocystosis Pneumonia due to other specified organism Pneumonia, bacterial, unspec. Pneumonia, organism unspecified Pneumonia, sars associated coronavirus Pneumonia, viral, unspec. Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids Pneumonopathy due to inhalation of other dust Pneumoperitoneum Pneumothorax Pneumothorax, spontaneous Poisoning by agents primarily acting on the smooth and skeletal muscles and respiratory system Poisoning by agents primarily affecting blood constituents Poisoning by agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane, ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological, and dental drugs Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system Poisoning by analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics Poisoning by antibiotics Poisoning by anticonvulsants and anti-parkinsonism drugs Poisoning by bacterial vaccines Poisoning by central nervous system stimulants Poisoning by drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system Poisoning by hormones and synthetic substitutes Poisoning by other and unspecified drugs and medicinal substances Poisoning by other anti-infectives Poisoning by other central nervous system depressants and anesthetics anesthetics Poisoning by other vaccines and biological substances Poisoning by primarily systemic agents Poisoning by psychotropic agents Poisoning by sedatives and hypnotics Poisoning by water, mineral, and uric acid metabolism drugs Poisoning, carbon monoxide Polio, late effects Polyarteritis nodosa Polyarteritis nodosa and allied conditions Polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia Polycythemia vera Polydactyly Polydipsia Polyhydramnios Polyhydramnios, antepartum Polymyalgia rheumatica Polymyalgia rheumatica Polymyositis Polyp, nasal cavity Polyphagia Polyuria Pompe's disease Porphyria Portal vein thrombosis Positive ppd Post-gastric-surgery syndromes Postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis Postlaminectomy syndrome Postlaminectomy syndrome, cervical region Postlaminectomy syndrome, lumbar region Postlaminectomy syndrome, thoracic region Postmastectomy lymphedema syndrome Postmyocardial infarction syndrome Postnasal drip Postoperative functional disorders Postpartum hemorrhage Postperfusion syndromenec Post-term infant Post-term preg., antepartum Post-term preg., delivered Pott's disease Precordial pain Pre-eclampsia, unspec. Pregnancy, other complications, unspec. Premature beats, unspec. Premature labor, delivered Premature labor, threatened, undelivered Premature rupture of membrane, unspec. Premenstrual tension syndrome Prepatellar bursitis Pre-placement testing and examinations Presbyacusis Presbyopia Preterm infant, weight unspec. Priapism Prickly heat, heat rash Primary biliary cirrhosis Primary carnitine deficiency Primary cerebellar degeneration Primary hypercoagulable state Primary lateral sclerosis Primary tuberculous infection Prinzmetal angina Progressive bulbar palsy Progressive external ophthalmoplegia Progressive muscular atrophy Prolapse, uterine Prolinemia Prolinuria Prolonged gestation of infant Prolonged pregnancy Prostatitis, acute Prostatitis, chronic Prostatitis, nos Protein c deficiency Protein losing enteropathy Protein s deficiency Proteinuria Proteinuria, benign postural Pruritus and related conditions Pruritus ani Pruritus, nos Pseudobulbar palsy Pseudogout Pseudohypoparathyroidism Pseudotumor cerebri Pseudoxanthoma elasticum Psoriasis and similar disorders Psoriasis, other Psorospermiasis Pterygium Puberty, delayed Public health, surveillance, and disease prevention Pulmonary congestion and hypostasis Pulmonary edema, acute Pulmonary embolism, not iatrogenic Pulmonary eosinophilia Pulmonary function Pulmonary heart disease, chronic, unspec. Pulmonary tuberculosis Pure hypercholesterolemia Pure hyperglyceridemia Purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency Purulent endophthalmitis Pyelonephritis, acute, w/o necrosis Pyloric stenosis Pyrexia of unknown origin during the puerperium
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