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Labor, precipitate, unspec. Labor, prolonged, unspec. Labyrinthitis, viral Laceration of cervix, unspec. Laceration, perineal, 1st deg., postpartum Laceration, perineal, 2nd deg., postpartum Laceration, perineal, 3rd deg., postpartum Laceration, perineal, 4th deg., postpartum Lack of coordination Lack of normal physiologic development, unspec. Lactose intolerance Lafora's disease Large-for-dates, delivered Laryngitis, acute, no obstruction Laryngitis, chronic Late effects of injuries to skin and subcutaneous tissues Late effects of injuries to the nervous system Late effects of intracranial abscess or pyogenic infection Late effects of musculoskeletal and connective tissue injuries Late effects of other and unspecified external causes Late effects of other and unspecified injuries Late effects of other infectious and parasitic diseases Late syphilis, latent Lateral epicondylitis Lateral femoral cutaneous neuropathy Leber's congenital amaurosis Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy Legal issues in om Legally induced abortion Leishmaniasis Leprosy Leptospirosis Lesch-nyhan syndrome Lethal midline granuloma Letterer-siwe disease Leucine-induced hypoglycemia Leucinosis Leukemia of unspecified cell type Leukemic reticuloendotheliosis (commonly called hairy cell leukemia) Leukodystrophy Leukopenia Leukoplakia, oral mucosa Leukorrhea, nos Lichen Lichen planus Lid lag Limb anomaly, unspec. Lipidoses Lipodystrophy Lipoma Lipoprotein deficiencies Listeriosis Liver abscess and sequelae of chronic liver disease Liver disease, chronic, unspec. Localized adiposity Localized swelling/mass, superficial Locked-in state Long labor Long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-coenzyme a dehydrogenase deficiency Lordosis (acquired) Losing enteropathy Loss of height Louse-borne (epidemic) typhus Lower lobe, bronchus or lung Lucey-driscoll syndrome Lumbago Lumbar disc disorder w/myelopathy Lumbar disc displacement w/o myelopathy Lumbar spondylosis w/ myelopathy Lumbosacral spondylosis w/o myelopathy Lyme disease Lymph nodes, enlarged Lymphadenitis, acute Lymphadenitis, chronic Lymphangioma, any site Lymphoid leukemia Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma
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