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Iatrogenic carnitine deficiency Iatrogenic hypotension Ick paralysis Idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis Idiopathic proctocolitis Ileus Iliotibial band syndrome Ill-defined fractures of bones of trunk Ill-defined fractures of upper limb Ill-defined intestinal infections Illegally induced abortion Imidazole aminoaciduria Iminoacidopathy Immune thrombocytopenic purpura Impaction of intestine Imperforate anus Imperforate hymen Impetigo Impotence, organic Incontinence, stress, female Incontinence/enuresis, nos Induction of labor, failed Infant of diabetic mother syndrome Infantile cerebral palsy Infection complicating pregnancy Infection, colostomy/enterostomy Infections of kidney Infections of the breast and nipple associated with childbirth Infections specific to the perinatal period Infectious/parasitic diseases, unspec Infective and parasitic conditions in the mother classifiable Infertility, female Infertility, male Infertility, male, unspec. Inflammation of eyelids Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy Inflammatory disease of cervix, vagina, and vulva Inflammatory disease of ovary, fallopian tube, pelvic cellular Inflammatory diseases of prostate Inflammatory diseases of uterus, except cervix Influenza Influenza w/ other respiratory manifestations Influenza w/ pneumonia Infundibular pulmonic stenosis congenital Ingrown nail Inguinal hernia Injury to axillary nerve Injury to blood vessels of abdomen and pelvis Injury to blood vessels of head and neck Injury to blood vessels of lower extremity and unspecified sites Injury to blood vessels of thorax Injury to blood vessels of upper extremity Injury to cutaneous sensory nerve upper limb Injury to digital nerve upper limb Injury to gastrointestinal tract Injury to heart and lung Injury to kidney Injury to liver Injury to median nerve Injury to multiple nerves of shoulder girdle and upper limb Injury to musculocutaneous nerve Injury to nerve roots and spinal plexus Injury to optic nerve and pathways Injury to other and unspecified intrathoracic organs Injury to other and unspecified nerves Injury to other cranial nerve(s) Injury to other intra-abdominal organs Injury to other nerve(s) of trunk, excluding shoulder and pelvic girdles Injury to other specified nerve(s) of shoulder girdle and upper limb Injury to pelvic organs Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of pelvic girdle and lower limb Injury to peripheral nerves of shoulder girdle and upper limb Injury to radial nerve Injury to spleen Injury to ulnar nerve Injury to unspecified nerve of shoulder girdle and upper limb Injury, other and unspecified Insect bite Intermediate coronary syndrome Intermittent branched-chain ketonuria Intermittent claudication Internal derangement of knee Internal injury to unspecified or ill-defined organs Interruption of aortic arch Intervertebral disc disorder with myelopathy Intervertebral disc disorders Intestinal disaccharidase deficiencies and disaccharide malabsorption Intestinal infections due to other organisms Intestinal malabsorption Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia Intestinal obstruction, unspec. Intestinal parasitism, unspecified Intestinal protozoa, nos Intracerebral hemorrhage Intracranial and intraspinal abscess Intracranial injury of other and unspecified nature Intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia Intrinsic asthma Iritis, acute, subacute Iron deficiency anemia, chronic blood loss Iron deficiency anemia, decreased intake Iron overload disorder Irritable bowel syndrome Ischemic bowel disease, unspec. Ischemic heart disease, chronic, other Ischemic heart disease, chronic, unspec.
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