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Cachexia Calcaneal spur Calculus of kidney and ureter Calculus of lower urinary tract Calculus, kidney Calculus, ureter Calculus, urinary, unspec. Candidiasis Carbuncle and furuncle Carcinoid syndrome Carcinoma in situ of breast and genitourinary system Carcinoma in situ of digestive organs Carcinoma in situ of other and unspecified sites Carcinoma in situ of respiratory system Carcinoma in situ of skin Cardiac arrest Cardiac dysrhythmia unspecified Cardiomegaly Cardiovascular Cardiovascular syphilis Carnitine deficiency due to inborn errors of metabolism Carnitine palmitoyltransferase i deficiency Carnitine palmitoyltransferase ii deficiency Carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase deficiency Carnosinemia Carpal tunnel Cataplexy and narcolepsy Cataract Cauda equina syndrome Cauliflower ear Cdl licensing examination Cdl licensing examination auditory disorders Cdl licensing examination cardiovascular disease Cdl licensing examination endocrinology disease Cdl licensing examination gastroenterology Cdl licensing examination nephrology Cdl licensing examination neurology Cdl licensing examination opthalmology Cdl licensing examination psychiatry Cdl licensing examination pulmonology Celiac disease Cellulitis and abscess of finger and toe Cellulitis, orbital Cellulitis/abscess, buttock Cellulitis/abscess, face Cellulitis/abscess, foot Cellulitis/abscess, hand Cellulitis/abscess, leg Cellulitis/abscess, neck Cellulitis/abscess, unspec. Cellulitis/abscess, unspec. digit Cellulitis/abscess, upper arm Central core disease Central hearing loss Centronuclear myopathy Cerebellar ataxia in diseases classified elsewhere Cerebral aneurysm nonruptured Cerebral arteritis Cerebral atherosclerosis Cerebral degenerations usually manifest in childhood Cerebral edema Cerebral embolism Cerebral embolism with cerebral infarction Cerebral embolism without cerebral infarction Cerebral laceration and contusion Cerebral lipidoses Cerebral meninges Cerebral palsy, hemiplegic, congenital Cerebral palsy, paraplegic, congenital Cerebral palsy, quadriplegic Cerebral thrombosis Cerebral thrombosis with cerebral infarction Cerebral thrombosis without cerebral infarction Certain adverse effects not elsewhere classified Certain congenital musculoskeletal deformities Certain early complications of physical trauma Certain types of keratoconjunctivitis Certain types of keratoconjunctivitis Cerumen impaction Cervical disc disorder w/myelopathy Cervical polyp, nos Cervical spondylosis w/o myelopathy Cervical spondylosis, w/myelopathy Cervical syndrome nec Cervicalgia, neck pain Cervicitis Chalazion Change in skin texture Chest pain, unspec. Cheyne-stokes respiration Chickenpox Chiggers Child abuse, unspec. Chlorinated hydrocarbons Choanal atresia Cholangitis Cholecystitis, acute Choledocholithiasis Cholelithiasis Cholera Cholera Chondrocalcinosis due to dicalcium phosphate crystals Chondrocalcinosis due to pyrophosphate crystals Chondrocalcinosis, cause unspecified Chondroma Chondromalacia Chondromalacia of patella Chondrosarcoma Chorioretinal inflammations, scars, and other disorders of choroid Chromosomal anomalies Chronic airway obstruction not elsewhere classified Chronic airway obstruction, not elsewhere classified Chronic bronchitis Chronic bronchitis Chronic conjunctivitis Chronic conjunctivitis Chronic disease of tonsils and adenoids Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic glomerulonephritis Chronic intestinal amoebiasis without mention of abscess Chronic laryngitis and laryngotracheitis Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Chronic myelogenous leukemia Chronic obstructive asthma Chronic pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis Chronic pulmonary heart disease Chronic renal failure Chronic rhinitis Chronic serous otitis media Chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis Chronic ulcer of skin Cirrhosis, liver, alcoholic Cirrhosis, nos Citrullinemia Cleft palate Cleft palate w/ cleft lip Cleft palate, unspec. Clubbing of fingers Cmv disease Coagulation defects, other Coal workers' pneumoconiosis Coarctation of aorta Coccidioidomycosis Coccygodynia Coeliac disease Cognitive deficits Colic, infantile Coloboma and other anomalies of anterior segment Colon Color vision deficiencies Coma, hepatic Coma, nondiabetic, nonhepatic Combined hyperlipidemia Combined immunity deficiency Combined immunity deficiency Common occupational injuries Complicated delivery/labor, unspec Complication (medicine) other complications of labor and delivery, not elsewhere classified Complications affecting specified body systems, not elsewhere classified Complications following abortion and ectopic and molar pregnancies Complications of medical care, not elsewhere classified Complications peculiar to certain specified procedures Concussion Conditions due to anomaly of unspecified chromosome Conditions involving the integument and temperature regulation of Conductive hearing loss, external ear Conductive hearing loss, middle ear Condyloma acuminata Congenital anomalies of ear, face, and neck Congenital anomalies of eye Congenital anomalies of eyelids, lacrimal system, and orbit Congenital anomalies of genital organs Congenital anomalies of great veins Congenital anomalies of pulmonary artery Congenital anomalies of respiratory system Congenital anomalies of the integument Congenital anomalies of urinary system Congenital chordee Congenital deficiency of other clotting factors Congenital heart block Congenital hereditary myopathies, including: Congenital hypothyroi dism Congenital obstructive anomalies of heart not elsewhere classified Congenital pigmentary anomalies of skin Congenital syphilis Conjunctival vascular disorders and cysts Conjunctivitis, gonococcal Conjunctivitis, unspec. Connective tissue disease, unspec. Constipation, unspec. Contact dermatitis and other eczema Contact dermatitis and other eczema Contact dermatitis and other eczema due to drugs and medicines in contact with skin Contact dermatitis, due to plants Contact dermatitis, nos Contusion of eye and adnexa Contusion of face, scalp, and neck except eye(s) Contusion of lower limb and of other and unspecified sites Contusion of trunk Contusion of upper limb Convulsions Copd, nos Cor triatriatum Cord around neck, unspec. Cord entanglement, other and unspec. Corneal edema Corneal opacity and other disorders of cornea Corneal ulcer, unspec. Corns and callosities Coronary artery anomaly congenital Coronary atherosclerosis Corpus luteum cyst Corpus uteri, except isthmus Corticostriatal-spinal degeneration Costochondritis Cough Cowden syndrome Cowpox and paravaccinia Cradle cap Cranial nerve Creutzfeld-jakob disease Cri du chat Crigler-najjar syndrome Crohn's disease, nos Crohn's, large intestine Crohn's, small intestine Croup Crushing injury of face, scalp, and neck Crushing injury of lower limb Crushing injury of multiple and unspecified sites Crushing injury of trunk Crushing injury of upper limb Crying, infant, excessive Crystal arthropathies Curvature of spine Cushing's syndrome Cva, late effect, unspec. Cx Cyanosis Cyst of bone Cyst of ovary, follicular Cyst, kidney, acquired Cystathioninemia Cystathioninuria Cystic fibrosis Cystic kidney disease Cystinosis Cystinuria Cystitis Cystitis, acute Cystitis, interstitial, chronic Cystitis, irradiation Cystocele, midline Cystocele/rectocele w/o uterine prolapse Cystoid macular degeneration Cystoid macular edema Cytic nevus
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