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(cds) clinical decision support • flat file database • hierarchal database • network database • primary key • relational database • sql joins Able to code a patient visit for new Abn Action planning and strategy implementation Administration procedures in ehr Age specific guidelines for well visit for children and adults Alerts Alerts Application of clinical decision support Application of clinical decision support Architecture Asc x12n Ascii Assessment of organizational culture and behavior Authorization Basic principles (pm) Benefits of cpoee Business processes Capital and operating budgeting Category item 1 Cdisc Certifed ehr Change management Change management strategies Change theories (e.g., precede-proceed, social influence theories, complex adaptive systems) Childhood immunizations Clinical data standards Clinical decision support Clinical decision support (cdss) Clinical encounter Clinical guidelines Clinical informatics literature Clinical information needs analysis and system selection Clinical information system evaluation Clinical information system implementation Clinical information system testing before, during and after implementation Clinical processes Clinical trial Clinical visit flow Clinical workflows in ehr system Code sets Coded her data Collaboration Comparison Comprehensive emr Comprehensive emr integration, interoperability, and standards Computer systems Concepts, models, and theories Conflict management Consent Cpoe Cpoe Cpri Cpt Cpt-4 Cpu Cqm (clinical quality measure) Cqm (clinical quality measures) Data Data Data base modeling Data codes sets Data entry at point of care Data format Data format Data importing Data repositories Data standard Data standards and data sharing Database management system (dbms) Decision making Decision science Decision support Defined protocols Determinants of individual and population health Developing effective communications program to support system implementation Dicom Dicom Difference between various types of codes, description and indication Digital image Dimensions of effective leadership Dimensions of effective leadership Discrete data Drug formularies E visits Effective communications Effective interdisciplinary teams Effective one-on-one communication Effective presentations to groups Ehr Ehr implementation Ehr implementation project Electronic health record (ehr) Electronic health/medical records systems as the foundational tool Electronic orders via ehr Electronic orunderstand difference between written vs electronic prescriptions in ehr Electronic prescription Electronic signature Electronic signatures Encounter Encounter Encounter printing Encounter view pane Environmental scanning Ephi Establishing mission and objectives Ethics and professionalism Evaluation of planning process Evidence grading Evidence sources Evidence-based patient care Evidence-based patient care Evolution of health care information systems Forces shaping health care delivery Foreign keys Forms Functional ehr Fundamentals Goal of a project Governance (e.g., processes; responsibility versus authority) Group management processes Hci evaluation, usability testing, study design and methods Hcpcs Hcpscs Health economics and financing Health information systems Health information systems and applications Health level 7(hl7) Health maintenance Health maintenance Healthcare incentives and health care it adoption and use Hietech Hietech act Hipaa Hippa safe guards History History of diagnosis codes Hl7 Human factors engineering Human resources management Icd code 9 vs icd 10 code Icd-9-cm Icnp Identifying resources (pm) Improving patient's health with emr Improving patient's health with emr In patient In patient data entry In patient vs outpatient In-class activities Informatics project challenges Information system lifecycle Information technology systems Institute of medicine quality components Institutional governance of clinical information systems Interface design standards and design principles International practices Internet and ehr Interoperability standards Introduction Introduction to well visit, health Introduction to well visit, health maintenance and preventive screening Lab order Leadership models, processes, and practices Legal and regulatory issues Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues Legal, ethical, and regulatory issues Linical workflow analysis, process redesign, and quality improvement List Lists and forms Loinc Managing group deliberations Managing meetings Meaningful use Meaningful use Meaningful use Medcine nomenclature pane Medication dosing Medication safety management in ehr Medicine exercises Medicine software cases Mesh Message integarity Messaging standards Meta analysis Meta analysis Methods of workflow analysis Models, theories, and practices of human-computer (machine) interaction Motivation Mplementation of guidelines as clinical algorithms Nanda Ndc Ndf-rt Negotiation Networks Nformation retrieval and analysis Nic Nmds Noc Nomenclature Nomenclatures, vocabularies, and terminologies Non repudiation Normalization Nursing codes Objective finding Olap Oltp Omaha Onc (office of national coordinator for health information technology) Ontologies and taxonomies Outpatient Outpatients data entry Pacs Patient portals Patient visit documentation Pcds Perform prescription order in ehr Physical examination Pnds Point of care Policy & regulatory framework Preventive care screening Principles of managerial accounting Principles of workflow re-engineering Privacy Privacy and hippa Privacy and security issues with ehr Privacy rules Project management Project management tools Quality and safety issues Quality improvement principles and practices Ram Reminders Request for information (rfi) Request for proposal (rfp) Resource allocation (pm) Rimary domains, organizational structures, cultures, and processes Role of icd codes in ehr Ros Routine visit for children and adults for well care in ehr Rxnorm Rxnorm Rxterms Safe medication Secure doctor-patient communication Security Security Security Security rules Snowmed Snowmed ct Soap Soap Speech recognition Standards development history and current process Strategic and financial planning for clinical information systems(leading change) Strategies for promoting adoption and effective use of clinical information systems Strategy formulation Subjective findings Supporting decisions for populations of patients Symptoms Team productivity and effectiveness Technical approaches that enable sharing data Telemedicine Telemonitoring The discipline of informatics The flow of data, information, and knowledge within the health system The health system The nature and cognitive aspects of human decision making Transaction standards Transactions and code sets Transformation of knowledge into clinical decision support tools Transformation of knowledge into clinical decision support tools Trend analysis Trend analysis Types of codes, description and indication Types of functions offered by health information systems Types of settings where systems are used Umls Umls (unified medical language system) Understand difference between various Understand medial safety Uniform identifiers Universal medical device (umd) Usability engineering User authemticaion Visual scheduling tools Web based emr Workflow (clinical) Workflow clinical (inpatient) Workflow clinical (office) Workflows for various orders in ehr Writing effectively for various audiences and goals Written vs electronic prescriptions
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